• Every single grain of rice or every drop of water, they carefully decide the best quality ingredients. Ingredients are 100 percent grown in South Korea and using the mineral water from Gachang-Myeon Dalseong-Gun Daegu Choijeongsan mountain valley.
  • To create black vinegar, they use Korean traditional Pottery. In the pottery, it has micro holes that make microbe and yeast than those two ingredients activate and create this high-quality natural fermentation. The Kookwanmo Vinegar Research Institute throw out the centuries using only old-fashioned earthenware jar represents vinegar with a deep taste and flavour.
  • It is the maker's natural fermentation as important as tradition. The craftsmen Kookwanmo has been researching and developing for decades. In 1994, caused our ancestors began to produce a traditional natural fermentation properly restored the formula for the black vinegar. After the while in 1998, he published a book called "Keeping The Old Vinegar". Because of it, Kookwanmo is the person who saved and kept the old traditional black vinegar recipe in the present.
  • Kookwanmo Vinegar Research Institute provides healthy food which eliminates salt, chemical additives, foreign agricultural products and everything that has a bad influence on human bodies so that everyone, even pregnant women, children, and recovering patients can take it without worries.
  • Kookwanmo Vinegar Research Institute produces the best quality traditional black vinegar through continuous research and patent technology. We also suggest the best drinking usage to contribute to a healthy diet culture in the modern society.

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